The Black Bear Chalet                            

Sevierville, TN 37862                      

Hosted by   Michael & Arlene Weaver           

Rental Agreement

  1. Check in Time is 4:00 PM EST.  Check out time is 11:00 AM EST.  No late departures without prior permission from the owner.  
  2. The Chalet is a NON-SMOKING unit!! This includes e-cigarettes. A cleaning fee of $500.00 WILL be charged if this regulation is found to have been violated.
  3. NO PETS are allowed at The Black Bear Chalet.  A cleaning fee of $250.00 will be charged if this regulation is violated.
  4. Age Requirement:  The primary renter must be at least 25 years of age or older.  The cabin will not be rented to students or singles under the age of 25 years old unless accompanied by a parent or other adult.
  5. Accommodations:  The Black Bear Chalet is an individually owned vacation rental.  All guests are responsible and assume all risks of injuries, death or other losses related to any activities and use of the premises and will hold the cabin owners harmless with respect to any incidents, etc. nor will the owners be held liable for any loss by guests.
  6. Deposit:  A deposit equal to 50% of total bill, will be collected when reservation is made.  We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and personal check (must be pre-approved).  If payment is not received within 7 days, the reservation will be canceled.  All rates are subject to local and state taxes (12.75%).  Balance is due 28 days prior to arrival.  All charges must be paid in full before access to cabin is granted.  If damage is done to the cabin or its furnishings, beyond normal wear and tear, the cabin owners have the right to charge via the guest’s preauthorized credit card.
  7. Cancellations/Refunds:  A 28 day notice is required for cancellations.  Cancellations prior to 28 days of the reservation will be refunded minus one night rental deposit.  Within 28 days to arrival, no refund will be granted.  We cannot grant refunds for situations beyond our control: acts of God such as inclement weather, etc., loss of electrical power, water, air conditioning, internet outages, malfunctioning hot tub, etc.  No refunds for early departures.  For travel insurance, check out
  8. During the months of October to April, the renters MUST have a 4 wheel drive vehicle, and purchase travel insurance. The driveway WILL BE IMPASSABLE IF THERE IS SNOW OR ICE ON IT!
  9. Maximum Occupancy:  The maximum number of persons is limited to 16. The maximum amount of adults (over 18) is 12, and 4 children under the age of 18.
  10. Minimum number of nights is three (3), or 6 during holidays.
  11. Cleaning Fee- includes a one-time linen/towel supply along with starter supply of toilet paper and paper towels.  There is no daily maid service.  A washer/dryer unit is provided on site. When leaving the cabin after your stay, please follow the departure instructions, which include washing and taking care of dishes, putting trash in trash cage, and locking doors and windows of cabin.  An additional cleaning fee will be charged for any extensive cleaning that has to be done after your stay.
  12. Falsified Reservations:  Any person(s) obtaining a reservation under false pretense will be subject to forfeiting of advance payment/rental monies and will not be permitted to check in (TN Law T.C.A. Section 62-7-10 7 provides punishment by fine and/or imprisonment for up to 90 days).
  13. Hot Tub:  Use the hot tub at your own risk.  All guests are responsible and assume all risks of injuries, death or other losses related to any activities and use of the premises and will hold the cabin owners harmless with respect to any incidents, etc.  If you have any concerns/questions regarding the use of the hot tub please consult your physician.  Any soaps, shampoos, etc. found in the hot tub will result in a $150.00 charge.  Please keep the cover on the hot tub to secure warmth when not in use.  Please do not drain the hot tub.   Draining hot tub without power off could cause harm to the unit.
  14. Fireplace:  Please use care when using the fireplace.  Wood will be supplied for fireplace in the fall and winter months.
  15. Outdoor fire pit: Please clear any burnables from the area before lighting a fire. Please make sure all fires are extinguished before leaving. Forest fires can, and do, happen in this area. Be responsible.
  16. Keyless entry lock:  The cabin is equipped with a keyless code entry lock.  Code will be sent to you before your arrival
  17. Trash:  A black trash cage is located alongside the drive way. Please place all trash in the trash cans provided upon your departure and make sure the door is closed and locked.  Do not leave trash bags with food outside – God’s little creatures will find it….also it will attract bears.
  18. Mountain Roads:  Roads covered with wet leaves are extremely slick, and in the colder months, hazardous conditions can be common. Please use caution when driving on the mountain roads. Four wheel drive and/or chains may be necessary in the winter months.
  19. Emergency/Maintenance Issues:  Occasionally, as with any home, the cabin may have an appliance, air conditioning, etc. to break down. If this happens please call/text 419-606-2244 and we will respond in a timely manner.  Also, call this number for any emergencies such as no heat, water, etc.  We cannot be held responsible for any acts of God such as inclement weather, failure of public utilities (water, electricity, internet, etc).
  20. Pest Control:  The cabin is located in the Smoky Mountains and along with its beauty are God’s little creatures.  The cabin is exterminated as needed; however, these creatures at times do appear. It is recommended that all food be kept in closed containers and no food/garbage be left outside.  Please refrain from feeding the animals, especially bears, this encourages their visit and could be harmful to them, and you.
  21. House Parties:  There will be no house parties.  Anyone found to be having a party, will be asked to vacate the cabin and no refunds will be given.
  22. Candles:  Absolutely no candles shall be burned in the cabin, on the deck or anywhere on the property.
  23. Gas Grill:  A gas grill is located on the front deck for guest use. After each use, please turn gas valve off located underneath the grill.
  24. Power Outages:  Power outages do occur sometimes in the mountains. If this occurs, please contact the cabin owners so outage can be reported.  It is recommended to have a few bottles of water on hand for drinking, washing hands, toilet flushing, etc.
  25. It is understood that the Owners of the property will be indemnified and held harmless by anyone renting or staying at the property.
  26. The Black Bear Chalet has a very steep driveway. Guests assume all risks associated with using the driveway, and agree to hold the owners harmless in any event that may occur.

Owners reserve the right to install and operate security/image capture devices on the property outside of the cabin for the express purpose of securing the property.


MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY: **** The cabin shall be occupied by no more than the number of people paid for and stated herein. Maximum number of guests: 16(sixteen).Occupancy is limited to registered guests only. Absolutely no additional overnight guests are allowed. Occupancy by more than the stated number of guests without prior permission will result in the termination of the rental and the forfeiture of all rental fees.